Factoring Services

Highland Residential Factoring can include services such as cleaning, gardening and the maintenance of common areas. The services provided will depend on the type of property you live in and its surrounding environment, and whether it is a flat or a house. The type of services we can provide includes, but is not limited to:

Common stair cleaning

Cleaning is usually recommended to be carried out fortnightly. This covers removing litter, vacuuming, cleaning common stairs, mopping (where required), dusting, and window cleaning (up to a certain level).

Open space maintenance

Visits are usually carried out fortnightly but more work is carried out during the growing season. This includes grass cutting, weed spraying, shrub bed maintenance, etc.

Repairs to common areas

If you live in a block of flats repairs to common internal and external parts of the block will need to be done. This includes replacing light bulbs, repairing the door closer, repairs to the door entry system (common parts only), tv aerial/ satellite system faults (common parts only), smoke detector tests (communal), roof repairs etc. There may also be common external repairs that you are responsible for such as street repairs (where the local authority has not adopted these), re-fixing loose slabs, fencing, play park repairs etc.

Cyclical maintenance

This covers work which has a lifecycle such as gutter clearance, internal and external decoration, flooring replacement etc. If you live in a flat you may be responsible for both block and scheme costs. Your Deeds will give you more information on this.

Environmental upkeep

This is work to maintain the environment where you live. These include things such as hygiene cleans, deep cleans of areas, graffiti removal, fly tipping uplift, removal of abandoned or untaxed vehicles, grit bin supply and filling, other non-contract cleaning or open space maintenance works.

Who does the work?

The work is carried out by our approved contractors. Main service contracts such as ‘ground maintenance’ and ‘stairwell cleaning’ are tendered every 2-3 years to ensure best value for money. We work closely with all of our contractors to ensure that they adhere to our strict specifications.

Property Factor Registration: PF000712