Before applying for Mid-Market Rent, Sandra Macleod was desperate to secure a rental home. She previously lived in private rent with her partner and worked two jobs to pay her bills. Unfortunately, her partner lost his job and had to obtain a part time role. At the time, finances played heavy on their relationship and Sandra had to reapply with her daughter who also works two part time jobs. Sandra was thrilled to find their application for Mid-Market Rent provided by Highland Residential had been accepted.



Not long after being accepted for mid-market rent, Sandra was allocated an affordable flat in Inverness. Highland  Residential explained the process, step by step, and kept in touch regularly whilst Sandra waited to be handed the keys to her property. The lettings team reassured Sandra that everything was going smoothly with her property and answered any questions she had about Mid-Market Rent.



Sandra is delighted with the customer experience she has received from Highland Residential and would highly recommend the business to other people in a similar situation. She has already recommended them to a great deal of people. Since securing an affordable rental home through Mid-Market Rent, Sandra’s life has been upturned and is grateful to the Highland Residential staff.

“My life is now looking a lot rosier thanks to Highland Residential. I encourage anybody and everybody to go in and talk to them, even to have a cry if needed. They are a very professional group of people and very compassionate people who care.”