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About us
We provide advice, information and deliver important services to individuals and communities across the Highlands, including affordable housing solutions, whether you are looking to buy or rent. We provide agency services to landlords as well as factoring services to over 3000 homes across the region.

Our Company Vision

Enterprises for fairer and better living.

Our Company Mission

Deliver, with professionalism and integrity, enterprising solutions and services that enrich the lives of people in the Highlands.

Our Company Aims

Our aims set out what we aspire to be as an organisation to help us achieve our mission. By aspiring to operate in this way, we can support people in the Highlands and enrich their lives.

  • Use resources effectively and efficiently
  • Challenge and encourage our partners, contractors, members and staff to drive improvements in services and performance
  • Have a local focus, but to not lose sight of the bigger picture
  • Value staff and members and create a great place to work
  • Be trusted and build confidence in customers, partners and stakeholders


Assisting people on low to moderate incomes secure a home in the highlands.
Assisting you through the process of identifying the right home.
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