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A local factor maintaining proud communities across the Highlands.

Our Factoring Services

Customers and communities are at the heart of everything we stand for. We believe you should enjoy your home and the community you live in, safe in the knowledge it is well looked after and the money you spend on the up keep of it is money well spent.

Highland Residential Factoring Service is a local business operating within the Highlands. We keenly promote our core values of honesty and transparency in all that we do and strive to offer the best customer service and value for money.

Our aim is to provide superior levels of customer service at a competitive price, ensuring that the interests of owners are protected, whilst positively contributing to the wider community. We apply best practice procedures in compliance with relevant legislation.

We currently provide services to over 3,000 homes sited in over 150 developments across the Highlands.

Property Factor Registration: PF000712


For our factoring customers.
Applying best practice and compliance with relevant legislation.
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